We deliver and install anywhere using trained fitters

Our vast range of products requires specific skills that only an efficient, well-organized business can provide.
Protective film is supplied by the manufacturer in the form of sheets of various widths, in rolls ranging from 30 to 300 metres. This means large surfaces can be covered, but application must be done by trained fitters.  
Polyester film is usually applied to transparent surfaces made of glass or plastic (polycarbonate or methacrylate), which may be flat or slightly curved (by thermoforming). It can be applied on the inside or the outside, depending on the type of surface and the technical requirements.
There is one major advantage: the pane of glass does not need to be taken out of the frame, so application of the film is quick and easy.
Blinds are available in vertical sections, in rolls or pleated, in any size or colour. Installation by skilled fitters is quick and involves minimum disruption to the business.
Our range of protective varnishes contains synthetic resins and stable pigments.
Being highly ductile, the product can be applied to any surface that needs protecting, such as glass or plastic, but the choice of product and application calls for specific skills.
Our personnel know exactly how to apply the varnish in such a way as to ensure an impeccable, long-lasting result.
Correct intervention is highly complex, which is why we possess all the equipment and know-how required to ensure a job well done.
Installation requires care and experience. It must not be improvised if you want good results - it must be done by properly qualified personnel who can take all the details into account.