We design the best means for enhancing your image

We analyse your specifications in detail so that we can develop the best and safest solution and provide effective technical assistance. We take every single requirement into account and come up with the perfect custom solution each time.
We assess your idea free of charge and conduct an ad-hoc feasibility study. This enables us to design the best means for enhancing or consolidating your image in an intelligent and functional way.
Altaimago has its own team of specialists who can conduct an onsite inspection to identify the best kind of solution. Inspection is followed by the design stage, in which the required features are established, and the environmental impact and aesthetic and decorative effects are assessed.
You will then be sent a full quote.
Practical instructions
We can also provide you with advice on bureaucratic matters.
The regulations governing the sector vary from town to town. Depending on your location, we can help you apply to the local authority and complete the necessary formalities. When you have received the required permits, our fitters will commence installation.