Easy inspection

Complex operations are banished for ever.
Quick and easy operations are possible. But how?
Just remove a few screws and it's done!
This is what our job is all about.

The box is designed for easy access - merely remove the screws in the side of the box, which opens in two. This special “open two” system allows you to inspect the inside thoroughly since everything is clearly visible.Easy inspection is also a feature in large formats, where you gain in terms of time and safety as the 50-60 cm opening provides easy access.
These features help make maintenance much easier.


Quick and safe maintenance

Maintenance is easy and risk-free since nothing has to be dismantled, making interventions on both standard and large formats quick and safe.
The features and functional properties of the boxes mean they require considerably less maintenance.
The wiring system is designed so that the only maintenance required is changing the high-energy-saving bulb.
Highly skilled and experienced Altaimago operators provide an efficient customer service because:
  • your personnel will be fully trained in installation procedures so that they can intervene promptly when required;
  • your personnel training will reduce maintenance costs to zero and ensure quality through time.
Delivery of our products is the start, not the end, of our mutual satisfaction.