Single and double-sided boxes of any size


Our production is flexible enough to allow the customer unlimited freedom – we can develop any project in terms of volume, design and appearance.

Your word is our command.
We come up with the best solution in all its aspects - from illuminated signs with large boxed letters and advertising totems to multi-purpose panels, we seek the absolute best for you because we know what we’re doing.



Aluminum structures

Anodized aluminium provides an extremely lightweight, unbreakable structure with anti-vandalism features. In this we differ from traditional suppliers, who make ferrous metal structures, a disadvantage because iron is a heavy metal, that deteriorates quickly and requires frequent, expensive rust-prevention treatment.

High-flexibility stretched canvas

Our panels are made of unbreakable PVC fabric and feature a patented drum-stretching system, guaranteeing suppleness and strength.
This secure support simulates the elasticity of a drum skin when suffering impact.
The fabric front is a single piece that can take an image without any size limitation. And it does not need to be dismantled for inspection or maintenance.

An improved illuminated box … at the same price

This method gives a photographic image on the entire front, a significant feature for large advertising boxes. There is no need to use heavy panels that tend to break and require numerous joins, which breaks up the whole image and makes it unattractive. Enhanced performance at virtually the same cost.